Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Happenings by First Grade

"We went to a hotel in Daytona Beach, had an Easter Egg hunt at my grandma's house, and made a bag for my Aunt's birthday." ~ Alexa

"I had an Easter Egg hunt and went and visited my dad's school and I also played with my friend!" ~Victoria L.

"My family went to Tampa, went to a Sea Aquarium, and also saw my Aunt's first baby. At the aquarium my favorite animals were the killer whales and dolphins." ~ Payne

"I had an Easter Egg hunt and the rest of the time I played in the pool with my brother. The water was COLD!" ~ R.J.

"I played a LOT of wii. I'm great at Mario Party Eight!" ~ Ian

"I went to Columbia with my Aunt for five days and visited my family." ~ Camilo

"My grandpa took me to Rapids Water Park, it was really fun when we went in the wave pool. I also went to Lion Country Safari with my grandparents and cousins." ~ Stephen