Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upper Elementary Letters to the students of Tepeyac.

Below are the letters written by Monica, Jordi, Emilee, and Brandon.

They were created in a word document and the students had to add photos or clip art, and choose their font style, color, and size.

Some decided to write in English and others decided to write in Spanish (they best they could!) Enjoy!!

Update - Letters arrive from Tepeyac, Nicaragua!

HOW EXCITING!!!! The students received letters from the children at the Tepeyac school in Nicaragua. They also received a disc with new pictures and videos that the children took of themselves with some interesting facts about their school and where they live.

The Kingswood Upper Elementary students, along with the Third Grade students, are creating letters and cards on the computer. They should be done before winter break and will be sent along with the school supplies we collected. Once printed, the students will sign and illustrate their letters and prepare them to be sent. Starting in January the Upper Elementary multi-media class will begin a video collage to send as well.

Something we've learned...the children and families of Tepeyac are VERY dependant on the coffee bean harvest. Almost every card we received had a picture drawn by the students of the coffee plants. We also found out they will break from school for over a month until the harvest is complete. How interesting!

In my own words (December)

The students had a camp out in November. Here is what some of them had to say about it.

"We had sandwiches for dinner! We had a fire and roasted marshmallows!" -Kayla

"The camp out was really fun! We had a funny skit with the girls." - Rebekah

"The best part, we were in our tent doing hair and nails and playing video games." -Lacie