Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Time: Active Bodies and Active Minds

The Summer is finally here! The students look forward to it with such anticipation. A time to take it slow, after all they've worked hard all year, ... right? Well, before you send your child to three long months of relaxation take a moment to think about the possibility of keeping them engaged academically as well... always with fun in mind of course. The long summer months are a great time to reinforce key concepts your child has already mastered,. For the young preschoolers, fine motor skills are so important, older preschooler flashcards with sight words. For Elementary, read, read, read. Visits to the library are so much fun and they always have cool activities and math facts also with Flashcards for those long road trips, The teacher's store is a great resource to find cool workbooks for your child. I can not stress enough the importance of vocabulary building, any activity could be a an opportunity to introduce new words. We have 2 months left, have fun and LEARN! Kingswood Montessori it's a private school in Homestead, FL offering toddlers, preschool and Elementary students education as well as Summer Camp.